Pickup rental in Dubai is possible daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly. With truck sizes ranging from 2 tons to 10 tons, our drivers are ready to travel anywhere in the world. United Arab Emirates. Our company is prepared to deliver refrigerated goods throughout the UAE, including frozen meat, vegetables, fruits, pharmaceuticals, beverages, and bakery products. Chillers, refrigerators, and freezers are designed to handle stored food such as vegetables, beverages, and meat.

Pickup Truck Rent company in Dubai

Faizan movers Pickup Truck Rental Services Dubai offers multiple trucks and helps you load them accurately and perfectly. Our team always keeps the mentioned points in mind.

  • Load large and heavy items first.
  • Place large furniture vertically.
  • Use a moving belt.
  • Remove the furniture.
  • Load the light object last.
  • Design several layers

Taking advantage of the above points, our Pickup Truck Rent company in Dubai always leads the truck rental service.

Dubai Rental Pickup Truck services

In addition to providing the peace of mind you need, we offer a wide range of services with pickups of various sizes in Dubai. To be clear, our Faizan movers Dubai Rental Pickup Truck services will keep your car tow truck safe and secure.

cargo van

We provide 1-ton pickup rental services in Dubai at reasonable rates. Van rental is one of them.

3-ton open box with lift

Faizan movers offer 3-ton lift trucks and lift boxes at reasonable rates. Rent a van…

An opened box of 7 tons with lift

We are launching a 7-ton open box moving service with a lift for rent in Dubai or 7-ton.

Rent 10 tons

We are launching a 10-ton or 7-ton lift van rental service in Dubai.

Full recovery

Faizan movers Cheaper pickup truck rental in Dubai offers complete recovery vehicle lift services and total recovery lifts.

Office shift service

Faizan movers home and office shift and providing Cheaper pickup truck rental in Dubai, and possibly moving all office equipment.

Why rent a van from us?

Faizan movers are divided into several categories of closed or open load areas. They are mainly used to transport goods that would not usually fit in the storage space of a small vehicle. People need to rent vans and use them mainly for business purposes to move objects and heavy goods.
Some people rent pickup trucks to move from one place to another, but those who cannot afford Faizan movers need the rental services provided by Dubai Rental Pickup Truck services. We provide valuable assistance with delivery trucks in Dubai, UAE.

We offer van rental services such as:

  • Affordable solution
  • Reliable office/home shift.
  • Timely service
  • Available 24/7

Why do we rent a truck in the UAE?

  • Different size trucks
  • Suitable for short and long trips.
  • Save money
  • Report options
  • Vehicle Transportation

Choose the right size and move the path. We are also providing Home Painting Service Dubai , villa services and apartment services.